Never accept or solicit support over DM (Direct Messages) without verification. These are where scammers prefer to work.

Do not trust the username, name color, or even ID number of anyone. Discord's Nitro upgrade allows scammers to spoof all of these. Follow this guide to verify a staff member in the Veil server.


Always encrypt your local wallet.dat file. Otherwise anyone with physical access to your computer or control of your VM host (if using a VPS) can steal your coins. Unencrypted wallet files also allow software with read-access to your local filesystem or command execution on your machine to take your coins. Malware has been found doing this automatically.

Never stake on a VPS. These servers are run under someone else's physical and digital control. They can copy your private keys out of RAM and take your coins.


Only use official support materials. Third-party sites, videos, and guides are likely to be outdated, inaccurate, or even malicious.