Cryptocurrency allows you to be your own bank, but that means it is all the more important to keep security in mind at all times. There have been many cases of scammers impersonating others on Discord in order to look trustworthy. You may be expecting them to only be able to change their profile picture and nickname to match their target, but scammers have begun to buy Discord Nitro so they can change their account name, account number, and even gain a custom color username.

It is advised that you follow all security best practices and verify the identity of anyone you are speaking with on Discord. Support will never ask you for your private key or seed. Support will avoid Direct Message (DM) conversations unless absolutely necessary. If you suspect any foul play, please contact the Veil team moderators immediately.

How to verify a user on Discord

The best way to verify someone's identity is to verify their roles on the server (left-click a name and look under ROLES, or right-click a name and mouse-over the Roles option in drop-down menu). If they have no roles, they are likely a scammer and should be reported to the moderators. Please note this will not work on other discord servers or DMs.

1- On desktop you can left click their picture or username.

2- On desktop, you can right click the user and expand the Roles menu to view which boxes are checked.

3- On mobile, you can long-press the user and view their roles in the pop-up menu.

If you are not sure you are in a DM with the right person, you can enter the Veil discord server and initiate a DM from the sidebar where they should be listed under the #support category.

For other security tips, please check here: