To turn on (CPU) mining in the Veil wallet:

1. Wait until wallet is fully synced with the blockchain.

2. In the Debug Console type

generatecontinuous true 4

or substitute however many CPU cores (in the above case, it is 4) you dare to dedicate to the mining process. The wallet will automatically and silently create a special mining address and mining rewards will automatically be generated in that address.

The way Veil works, these coins will also automatically be converted into Zerocoin veil, which will then automatically begin Staking, generating rewards based on the coins you hold, and not depending on devoting computing "hash" power to the effort.

To turn off mining in the Veil wallet, In the Debug Console type:

generatecontinuous false

To mine with one or more Graphics Processing Units (GPU) you will need special, third-party software written to support:

1. Your Operating System.

2. Your particular GPU (brand and model).

3. The particular mining algorithm and coin being mined. For Veil this means the X16RT algorithm.

4. It is generally agreed that mining by yourself (solo mining) is not the best strategy, but that you should join a mining pool which generates blocks for validation and possible acceptance by a majority of other computers running Veil software, and which then shares the winnings proportionally with the participants in the mining pool according to the hash power they are contributing.

5. You need to create within the Veil wallet a special mining address that can receive the shared winnings from your mining pool. (In the near future this will change, and you will be able to mine to your 'stealth' or private addresses the same as all other transactions in the Veil system.)

There is expected to soon be a way to generate the mining address within the graphical part of the wallet, but you can already generate one using the Debug Console command: 


Discussion and community support for various mining strategies and technical problems is available on the VEIL-Project Discord server in the #mining channel.