Method 1 – All operating systems

1. Close your Veil wallet and navigate to your Veil data directory and delete ONLY the files noted in the follow image:
(Do NOT delete backups, wallets, veil.conf, or wallet.dat)

Some people might not have the wallets folder, this is totally normal. Just make sure you don't delete wallet.dat file.

2. Now re-launch the wallet and wait for it to sync. This can take a few hours on slower computers or internet connections.

Method 2 - Windows

1. Press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type cmd and press Enter or click/tap OK.
2. Drag the veil-qt application into the cmd window.

3. Place the following command behind the veil-qt.exe (it should look like this screenshot below).


4. Press enter and resync should start

Method 3 - Linux

1. Stop your Veil wallet:

./veil-cli stop

2. Open veil.conf

nano ~/.veil/veil.conf

3. Place the following command in veil.conf and save it.


4. Restart wallet.

./veild -daemon

5. Open debug console and type following command and see if blocks are increasing.


6. Compare blocks output with block in Veil Explorer.

Don’t forget to remove the resync line from config file after you are fully synced, otherwise wallet will resync on every restart!