In the Veil Qt wallet (GUI) you can find an up-to-date list of all startup switches by clicking in the menu "Help" and "Command-line options". You can also find them in Terminal by using either of the following:

./veild -?

veil-qt.exe -?

Using `-h` or `--help` is also equivalent (at least it is equivalent in a MacOS or Linux Terminal / command line).

veild and veil-qt can use the startup options shown, which may generally alternatively be used in your veil.conf file omitting the leading dash, otherwise required when used in command line switches.

For example, to set the Veil Qt wallet to accept RPC (Remote Procedure Call) commands in terminal so that you can do things such as spending or checking your balances either by hand or with a script, use:

./veil-qt -server
veil-qt.exe -server

or simply include


in your veil.conf file.

For the current startup switches or options see:  veil startup options

Commands for the Debug Console or for use in Terminal commands (Remote Procedure Calls (RPC))

To find these simply type help in the Debug Console, or `help` in your command line like this.

./veil-cli help

veil-cli.exe help 

If you do it too soon, such as a second after starting the wallet, it will say "C'mon man!" or more precisely:

error code: -28
error message:
Rewinding blocks...

Just try a moment or two later, unless it is doing a full sync, in which case it will require longer.

For a current list of commands that can either be entered in the Debug Console or in a Terminal window, see: veil console commands