How to correctly restore wallet from seed words or find amounts of Veil or transactions not showing up in your wallet.

If your wallet has not been corrupted, go directly to step 4.
If your blockchain is properly synced or otherwise not corrupted, but you want to replace your wallet data file, rename your wallet.dat file to wallet.dat.old and then zip it to, and then do step 2, skip step 3, proceeding directly to the recovery steps in step 4.

  1. Close Veil wallet and rename your Veil data directory to Veil.old
  2. Start your wallet and select "Restore from seed".
  3. Resync from scratch or close your wallet and use a snapshot to sync faster
  4. If your wallet was password protected previously BEFORE you created any addresses, password protect it NOW before proceeding to the next step. If you created addresses and then password protected it, use 

    now, and then after recoveraddresses completes its automatic rescan password protect your wallet before continuing the later steps.

  5. Start your Veil wallet and let the wallet sync before you continue entering the following commands:
restoreaddresses 100
recoveraddresses 10

Wait until each command is finished. It can take some time, and must give some message, possibly "null" to say that is done. 
If you had more than ten basecoin addresses you may change the 10 to a higher number, in the recoveraddresses command.

The recoveraddresses command includes


but you are able to rescan a smaller range by using

rescanblockchain 330000

to save a lot of time, skipping the first 330000 (or other number of your choice) blocks where you might not be missing any Veil.


This will take a substantial time. Continue scanning for more missing Veil using these commands

searchdeterministiczerocoin 0 50000 2

If you are still missing zerocoins, please try to search a longer deterministic range:

searchdeterministiczerocoin 50000 50000 2 

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