FIRSTLY, you should prefer where possible to avoid using basecoin. The normal graphical interface is fine for sending zerocoins to a stealth address, but if you want to send only a particular denomination you will still need the spendzerocoin command. To access the debug console select Settings>Advanced options>Console

Use case:

Sending zerocoins of 120 veil to a (CT) stealth address in order to mint them into a larger zerocoin denomination.

spendzerocoin 120 false true 100 sv00ThisIsAFakeAddress00000000 10

120 is the amount of veil you are spending

false means to not mint any change

true means to minimize change

100 is the security level used to spend coins

sv is the stealth address you are spending to

10 is the specific denom you are spending from

The spendzerocoin command above may be used with either a basecoin "bv" address or a stealth "sv" address.

The Veil sending commands are summarized below, but you can always type "help " before the command in the debug console for more information.

spendzerocoin = send zerocoin to basecoin/stealth

sendstealthtobasecoin = send stealth (CT) to basecoin

sendringcttobasecoin = send RingCT to basecoin

sendtoaddress = send basecoin to basecoin
sendbasecointostealth = send basecoin to stealth (CT

sendringcttostealth = send RingCT to stealth (CT)

sendstealthtoringct = send stealth (CT) to RingCT

General examples for sending veil:

spendzerocoin Amount false true 100 Address DenominationToSpend-ifYouWantToSpecify

sendstealthtobasecoin Address Amount

sendringcttobasecoin Address Amount

sendtoaddress Address Amount

sendbasecointostealth Address Amount

sendringcttostealth Address Amount

sendstealthtoringct Address Amount

Spending specific zerocoin denoms (10, 100, 1000, 10,000):

spendzerocoin Amount false true 100 Address Denom

Spending specific zerocoins:

spendzerocoinmints '["0d8c16eee773FakeMintSerial182b175e039700931283b202715a0818f", "dfe585659e265e6aFakeMintSerialc2fe3464b2c3b6d71a3ef34c8ad7"]' "sv00ThisIsAFakeAddress00000000"

Address = basecoin or stealth address

Amount = amount of coins you are spending/sending