Different methods to send coins with the Debug Console

FIRSTLY, you should prefer where possible to avoid using basecoin.

The normal graphical interface is fine for sending to a stealth address, but if you want to send only a particular denomination you will need this command (until denominations are added to the graphical coin selection interface).

Use case:

Sending 820 Veil in 10 denomination zerocoins to a stealth address (they will arrive in CT) in order to mint them into a larger zerocoin denomination, when adding them to other funds in the wallet.

spendzerocoin 820 false true 100 ( "svs1qqpqflThisIsAFakeStealthAddressForTheExamplerrqu38fhlmspq2hvahmlve3pdc7xaqgwtxsfsdz5mn6huz4uwu356d2tw3x2f3c72qqq300k6l" 10)

false means to not mint any change

true means to minimise change

10 is the denomination of the source zerocoins

substitute your stealth address (sv...) instead of the testnet (tps...) one above.

The spendzerocoin command above could be used with a basecoin address "bv..." if necessary.

This also works (lower security level and processing time for a smaller transfer value, and eliminating the brackets and quotation marks):

spendzerocoin 100 false true 42 svs1qqpqflThisIsAFakeStealthAddressForTheExamplerrqu38fhlmspq2hvahmlve3pdc7xaqgwtxsfsdz5mn6huz4uwu356d2tw3x2f3c7qq300k6l 10

The four main Veil sending commands are summarised below, but you can always type "help " before the command in the Debug Console for more information.

If you get an error suggesting a higher security value than 100 (an impossible value), this command has been known to fix it: 


sendstealthtobasecoin = send CT to basecoin

sendringcttobasecoin = send RingCT to basecoin

sendtoaddress = send Basecoin/Stealth

spendzerocoin = send Zerocoin to Basecoin/Stealth

Example sending 10 Veil:

sendstealthtobasecoin bv00ThisIsAFakeAddress00000000 10

sendstealthtobasecoin "address" amount ( "comment" "comment-to" subtractfeefromamount "narration")

sendringcttobasecoin bv00ThisIsAFakeAddress00000000 10

sendringcttobasecoin "address" amount ( "comment" "comment-to" subtractfeefromamount "narration" ringsize inputs_per_sig)

sendtoaddress bv00ThisIsAFakeAddress00000000 10

sendtoaddress "address" amount ( "comment" "comment_to" subtractfeefromamount replaceable conf_target "estimate_mode")

spendzerocoin 10 false true 42 bv00ThisIsAFakeAddress00000000

spendzerocoin amount mintchange minimizechange securitylevel d( "address" denomination)

Spending specific zerocoins:

spendzerocoinmints '["0d8c16eee773FakeMintSerial182b175e039700931283b202715a0818f", "dfe585659e265e6aFakeMintSerialc2fe3464b2c3b6d71a3ef34c8ad7"]' "svs1qqpqflThisIsAFakeStealthAddressForTheExamplerrqu38fhlmspq2hvahmlve3pdc7xaqgwtxsfsdz5mn6huz4uwu356d2tw3x2f3c7"

BV address = Basecoin

SV address = Stealth address