How to make a snapshot

1. Close your wallet and open the directory where Veil is located

2. Zip: blocks, chainstate, indexes, zerocoin folders together to minimize space, or copy them out to another folder

3. If your blockchain cache becomes corrupted, just close wallet and copy the 4 backup folders back in the Veil directory and start wallet

Snapshot script for Linux

If you would like to automate this process or set it up to run on a schedule, the script below may help

1. Download the snapshot script from your Linux terminal


2. Change file permission

chmod u+x

3. Edit the snapshot script


4. Edit the veilBinaryLocation="" to your Veil binary location 

Example: veilBinaryLocation="$homeDir/veil-1.0.0/bin/"

5. Run the script


6. This will create your own snapshot in .veil folder and automatically start Veil deamon