For a detailed tutorial you may go to:

From our Github releases page download both the desired installer and the shasum file.

In the below commands replace "<file>" with the filename of the downloaded file.
If you are not in the folder that it is in, also include the path to the file, for example c:\Temp\filename.exe or ~/foldername/filename.tar.gz or ~/Downloads/filename.dmg

Windows command:

If you have "certificate services" installed you may run this from the command prompt:

certUtil -hashfile <file> SHA256

If you have Powershell v4 (or later) you may run this from the Powershell window:
For more information on Powershell versions check:

Get-FileHash -Path <file> -Algorithm SHA256

MacOS or Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) command:

shasum -a 256 <file>


openssl sha256 <file>

Now compare the resulting hash and the one for the downloaded file in the SHASUM text file.