If you are missing zerocoins or other Veil balances, make sure your wallet is fully synced before trying the following steps:

Firstly check the current block height of the Veil blockchain, such as 1120918. You can find this displayed in your wallet, or if using the command line version try 


and see the number beside "blocks:".

Open the debug console and enter the following commands one line at a time, and wait for a result each time, substituting a recent enough block height compared to the current block height (so that it doesn't take too long.) Wait a minute and check getbalances and listzerocoinamounts before proceeding to the next of the following lines:

rescanblockchain 1120000

If you suspect that a transaction a long way back in the chain may be corrected by rescanning back there try something like this, substituting suitable block heights to start and finish scanning at:

rescanblockchain StartingBlockNumber FinishingBlockNumber

If that doesn’t get your coins, try: 

searchdeterministiczerocoin 0 50000 2

This command may take 30 minutes to complete, it should say done in debug console when finished.

If you are still missing zerocoins, please try to search a longer deterministic range

searchdeterministiczerocoin 50000 50000 2

You may repeat the above to a higher total by increasing the first of the numeric parameters:

searchdeterministiczerocoin 100000 50000 2
searchdeterministiczerocoin 150000 50000 2

If you have a fast, multi-processor computer you may like to change the last number to 4 or more, to add more processing threads in parallel.

If you are still missing any other Veil or zerocoins, please check this more detailed tutorial here: https://veil.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000472093-how-to-correctly-restore-wallet-from-seed-words-or-find-lost-veil