If you are missing zerocoins, make sure your wallet is fully synced before trying the following steps:

Open the debug console and enter the following commands:


If that doesn’t get your coins, try:

searchdeterministiczerocoin 0 50000 2

This command may take 30 minutes to complete, it should say done in debug console when finished.

If you are still missing zerocoins, please try to search a longer deterministic range

searchdeterministiczerocoin 50000 50000 2

You may repeat the above to a higher total by increasing the first of the numeric parameters:

searchdeterministiczerocoin 100000 50000 2
searchdeterministiczerocoin 150000 50000 2

If you have a fast, multi-processor computer you may like to change the last number to 4 or more, to add more processing threads in parallel.

If you are still missing any other Veil or zerocoins, please check this more detailed tutorial here: https://veil.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000472093-how-to-correctly-restore-wallet-from-seed-words-or-find-lost-veil